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Welding the Beams to the foundation

Welding the beams to the foundation

This week we’re welding the beams to the foundation in our video along with the supports. We are one step closer to putting the kit together, and just a few steps away from that monumental day! The beams were provided as part of our steel house kit from Arched Cabins. The supports were made from 2″ square tube, which we purchased from a local steel supplier. I’ll get into those costs a little later in this post.

What’s next after welding the beams to the foundation?

Next up, I will be showing the process as I fabricated the brackets which will attach our floor joists to the beams. I will also be showing you the rest of the cleanup process for the arched cabin kit. You’ll also get to watch me weld! I struggled to figure some things out, but in the end I learn quite a bit about welding in general. Nothing helps you improve quite like repeating the same process for 2 full days!

welding the beams to the foundation
Mike welding the supports to connect the piers to the beams for the arched cabin foundation

How much does this process cost?

Today’s Costs:
2″ (3/16″ wall) Square Tube for Supports between piers and beams + Cuts $137.96
Welding Wire from Welding City on Amazon 10 lb spools x 2 @ $39.99 each $79.98 total
Better Welding Gloves (not pictured in this video) – $24.99
Aluminized Glove Back Pad (not pictured in this video) – $7.99
Contact Tips for .030 wire – $15.69
Nozzle for flux core – $8.99

Total for materials this week: $275.60

20 X 32 Arched Cabin House Kit: $13,032.50. (paid in 2017 and includes the delivery cost)
Architect to finish plans for permits & help navigate some building department stuff. $1570
Initial Soil Testing $1550
Open Hole Inspection $325
Driveway Permit $50
Pre-Site Inspection $40
Permits $1797
Excavation $14,062.70 (we ran into the septic line at one point, plus there’s also an easement being installed between our place and Mike’s Mom’s place)
Power Drop $3026
Concrete $1020.40
Shipping Container $3344.25 – Will become a workshop after the build
Tile & Sink for downstairs bathroom $563.10
Meter Box Install – $448.20
Septic Line to the house $164.48 or $3.46/foot.
Water line from the control pit to the house  $321.15 or about $7.14/linear foot
Power line from the pole to the house $596.54 or about $4.77/linear foot

Total Cost (excluding land) $42,186.92 (including this week’s metal working supplies)

Products used during this week’s Video

.030 Flux Core mig welding wire (affiliate link)
Hobart Handler 210MPV Mig Welder (affiliate link)
Arched Cabin House Kit
Glaser Steel in Colorado Springs
Better Welding Gloves (affiliate link, not pictured in this video)
Aluminized Glove Back-Pad (affiliate link, not pictured in this video)
Contact Tips (affiliate link)
Nozzle for flux core (affiliate link)
Evolution S380CPS 15″ Metal Chop Saw (affiliate link)

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