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The Price of Power

We reached out to the local power company a few weeks ago to get started on the power drop for the house.  In order to get things going, there was a design fee of $100 plus we had to submit our site plan so that someone could prepare a visit and get us on the calendar for our drop. 

They sent out one of their engineers who walked the properties and staked out the location of the pole. So the costs we are going to incur will be for the cost of a transformer, pole, and the dig work for a drop of 54′ from the existing line.  That is going to cost $2926 for a total of $3026 to have power.

Once the power drop is in, and the house goes up, we’ll be burying the line between the drop and the house as that makes the most sense for where we are at.

All I have left to do is to run to town, print the paperwork (my printer died), write the check & get it off into the mail for them. So we’ll have power on the build site likely before the kit shows up.  This will be so huge for getting work done on the build. I’m super excited to get started!

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