Hand Crafted Soap Recommendations

Cherry Blossom Soap

Rena F. – Folks I got to tell you, this is the place you should be getting your soap! Before you balk at the price, let me tell you! You will use less lotion when using this soap. Your skin will fall in love with you all over!
Do you have allergies to scents? Then get your soap here! Do you have sensitive skin? Then get your soap here! It’s all natural, hand crafted soap, and if you have specific request she will work with you to make a soap that suits your skin!
These bars of soap are the same size as a store bought crap, but harder or something, because they last me longer!

Marlena M. – These balms are amazing, seriously. The sleep one (lavender) helps so much, I can get restful sleep even if it is just a few hours. It was never like that! I have an oil I rub on my temples after I apply your headache balm (peppermint blend), and I take some homeopathic headache remedy also. But all together they keep me from needing imitrex as often, and they help with the nausea!

Elsa M. – My coworker just came over and was like “I’ve been feeling anxious since yesterday” and I was like “here smell this and put it on your hands and face” and have him the headache salve (peppermint blend). He said he instantly felt better, the best he’s felt since waking up yesterday. Thank you!

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Lazy A-Hole Ranch – 6 years soap making experience. Specializing in hand crafted, all natural soap and solid lotion tins, and soon branching out into woodworking and metal working

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