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Ep 72 – Adding Plants to the Memorial Garden. Happy Birthday, Mom.

More work on the inexpensive memorial garden. It would have been my mom’s 75th birthday this year. We lost her19 years ago, and have still always celebrated her birthday. This year, I wanted to be sure to get the plants into the ground because she loved her summer flowers.
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Episode 70 – $0 Budget Memorial Garden

Ali is working hard on the garden, and Mike continues his war with One Eye while assisting me.
Lots of raking and rocks, plus summer flowers are flourishing in the mountains!
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Memorial Garden on a $0 Budget – Protecting the Septic Cleanout

I have had a rough pain week, but I’m trying to push forward on at least one project on the property whilst we remain in this perpetual holding pattern on the house build. I’m trying to figure out the best way to do drainage near the septic cleanout, so that it doesn’t fill with dirt. I am using a bunch of rocks from a pile that has been on the property for the past year or two, but I don’t think it’s going to be enough.
Also an update on the veggie garden which isn’t looking so hot. I really need to get my plants into some containers!
Special thanks this week to my amazing friends who lent me their voices! I let them decide how they’d like to be credited. hee hee
Crazy Cat Lazy
Creepy Guy #3
Ed Heller – Twitter – @bacon4pres
Julie Hunter –
Poonicorn – Twitter – @poonicornucopia
Rena Freed
Will Malpartida
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Garden Ep 3 + Game Cameras

I’m beginning to take the plants out, at least during the day, to start the process of hardening them to go out into the garden full time. I’ve also started another tray of seeds, and I’m reconsidering the garden location for this year. We also went around today and pulled all the video from the game cameras. #gardening #deer #colorado #highaltitudegardening
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Planning the Garden

Although it is still February, I am beginning garden prep.

Germination and seedling setup that we currently have.

A few locals urged me to start seeds a couple of weeks ago, but now I’m thinking they were jumping the gun. At this point I’m just going to run with it.
I was going to take some gardening classes offered at an old school house down the road from us, but they lost their master gardener last year, so no classes. They were kind enough to send me the PDF files to get me started though, so I’m going to share those in this post, but be forewarned they are geared specifically to Colorado and the elevation in the county we are in… So probably 7000-9000+ feet in elevation. Keep that in mind while reading these.

So I purchased 2 grow lights, 2 seedling mats, garden tags & some seedling fertilizer from Amazon (links will be listed below along with the PDFs)
I purchased some seed started greenhouses from tractor supply for $9, and I purchased my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Right now I have a set of seedlings and have thinned out the plants, I’m waiting for the organic fertilizer to show up from amazon, and we’re currently planning the raised beds and placement for the garden. Since my compost heap is frozen solid, I’m going to try a variety of growing techniques this year from hay bales to creating soil using some of the decaying granite as they’ve specified in the pdfs.

As far as equipment goes, I’m happy with the grow lights and seed mats thus far. The Burpee seed starting sets we got have worked well, and I purchased the jiffy coconut fiber pellet plug refills to re-use those seed starters once I transplant my seedlings into solo cups and such. I will likely be doing that in the next week or two, but I need to do a little research to sort out when the best time is for transplanting those. I don’t have any feedback on the fertilizer yet, as it is still in the process of traveling to the ranch, and the tags are just blank tags that you write the plant names on. Nothing crazy.
I hope someone out in Colorado finds this useful!

For transparency, these are amazon affiliate links. If you shop through here we get an itty bitty payment from Amazon. It helps us keep this all going.

Seedling Mat –
LED Grow Lights –
Plant Tags –
Fertilizer for Seedlings –

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Planning for Next Summer

So I am beginning to think about my garden space for next year. I already know some information thanks to some wonderful locals who have shared info with me during our interactions at the library. I know that we have to use raised beds here, and that hoop houses are ideal for the region due to snow loads and wind. So I’m probably going to start building those raised beds soon and I’ve been working on getting compost up and running as well, though composting in the winter ought to be interesting. So now I’m looking at plants for our zone and researching what grows well at this altitude. We want some fruit trees, a vegetable garden, an herb garden, and I even just want some pretty flowers to enjoy.  I am new to gardening. I had a garden plot once back home when I was like 20, but I didn’t really keep up with it as I should. It was also a 15 minute drive to get to my garden plot. I also suck with plants. House plants don’t do well with me. I either forget to water everything or I over water everything. So I’m thinking on incorporating some sort of irrigation into the beds. I’m not sure yet.

For now, I am looking up various plans for raised beds. I’m leaning towards using pallets since Uncle Dick brings stacks of them up periodically and we are on a super tight budget at the moment.  Right now I’m leaning hard towards these plans.

and these plans

These plans are super nice as well!

Most likely I’ll stick to the second set of plans, but I’m sure I’ll make one of each and probably end up with a variety of designs to test our and see which I like best. OOH! I just found plans using logs. I may try at least one of those as well.

I’m also trying to decide how large of a garden do I want? Do we start super small our first year and add a section every year? These are all things that are turning over my head. Do I make the raised beds before I choose my plants or do I choose my plants and then plan my raised beds around what we’ll be growing?

I did find this handy guide for planting! So now I’m off to research some heirloom garden seed and see what I want to grow in 2019! (included a link to Mother Earth News best seed catalogs)

Any suggestions? Please comment! I will take any advice I can get!