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Ep 98 – Justin Case Part 2 – Still Some Issues

We purchased a 2000 Case 590 Super L Series 2 tractor, but what we actually got was a 1995 Case 590 Super L Series 1 tractor. We are trying to return it, but the owner of the company has gone radio silent. At the time I’m posting this, we still haven’t heard back from the guy in well over a week, and before that it was just “haha you should be a private investigator” and that was what we were left on. We don’t find it funny. We aren’t rich and that $30k was a huge portion of our build budget.
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Ep 97 – Justin Case – We Bought A Tractor, But It Has A Few Issues To Work Out – Part 1

We bought a tractor!
Tractor: 2000 Case 590 Super L
Purchased From: Twisted G Enterprises LLC
tractor #casersuperl #casetractor #justincase #mechanic #mikegyver #lazy
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