Peppermint Vanilla Soap


Peppermint Vanilla is one of my all time favorite fragrance combos. I’m not sure why it took me so long to make it as a soap, but I’m already in love.



Peppermint Vanilla Soap

This is my absolute favorite scent combo. I first got this as a lip balm at the grocery store decades ago, and I’ve just always adored it. I have peppermint vanilla lotion in the shop. I’ve even got a secret stash of homemade lip balm hiding in my room. I’ve been wanting to make it as a soap for ages, but just hadn’t gotten around to it. Until now! I’m beyond excited to share my peppermint vanilla soap with you. It smells sweet and cool at the same time!

This batch was made with water and aloe vera gel. Aloe Vera in your soap does amazing things to the lather, and I plan to incorporate it into future soap formulations. It just makes for a very foamy, creamy lather.

What’s in Peppermint Vanilla Soap?

Ingredients are as follows:

  • Love
  • Olive Oil Pomace/Rice Bran Oil blend
  • Palm Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Castor Oil
  • Palm Kernel Oil Flakes
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Vanilla Fragrance Oil
  • Vanilla Stabilizer
  • Water
  • sodium hydroxide for the chemical reaction to make soap

Caring for your soap

We recommend that you use a draining soap dish with any handmade soap. BecauseĀ  a draining soap dish will give your bar of soap the opportunity to dry out between uses. This way you bar of soap will last much longer. Have you ever noticed that the bar of soap sitting in the puddle of water in your shower has become soft and mushy? When you’re soap is sitting in water, it is slowly dissolving.

Looking for more?

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Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in

bar, 5 pound loaf cut & unlabeled, 5 lb loaf cut and labeled


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