Draining Soap Dish





Draining Soap Dish
Designed and 3d Printed by Ali and Mike just for you!

A draining soap dish with you in mind

We have designed this draining soap dish with a few key features to get the most out of your handmade soap. Have you always wanted to take your soap on the road with you? Or have you just been searching for the right soap dish that will allow you to dry your soap in between uses? Well look no further!  We have designed this soap dish to snap closed and stay closed so you don’t find your soap all over your belongings after a long trip, and the bottom half stacks onto the top to keep liquid from getting all over your sink.

What is this made of?

Our draining soap dish was 3d modeled by Ali and Mike and 3d printed using PLA filament in an array of colors. We will soon have some other materials available as we acquire more materials for 3d printing. Current color options include the following: Copper, Rainbow PLA (see individual items for color spread), Black, and White. Please note that prices vary based on the cost of materials.

Looking for more?

If you like this draining soap dish, you might want to try some soap to go with it. Our Cherry Blossom Soap is a popular choice!

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Black, Blue and Yellow, Copper, Gold and Pink, Purple and Blue, White


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