Anise Goat Milk Soap


Strong anise scent and very creamy lather

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Ingredients: raw goat milk, patchouli essential oil, fragrance oil, Rice Bran Oil, palm kernel oil, palm oil, Olive Oil Pomace, coconut oil

This soap was made with locally sourced, raw goat milk. I milked this goat myself, and can personally attest that she’s a happy girl who loves milking time with her human friends. There have been no colorants added to this batch, and it was scented with Anise essential oil blended with fractionated coconut oil as a carrier for the scent.

This is a fairly mild soap. Milk soaps are also naturally and gently exfoliating.

I start with a general base Palm Oil, Olive/Rice Bran Oil blend, Coconut Oil, and Palm Kernel Oil Flakes.

This base gives me a nice, hard bar which has been long lasting when used with a draining soap dish so that the soap has a chance to dry between uses. From here, I add other oils, milks and teas to bring out the properties I want in my soaps to get the desired effects in my soaps.

Bars are approx 3 – 4 ounces in weight and vary in size, shape, and color.

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