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Ep 74 – A Very Dodgy Tree, Replenishing Firewood, & Garden Update

Cutting up a tree that fell in a storm a couple of months ago, reconfiguring the firewood stack, splitting wood, and a look at how the plants are doing in the garden. #splittinglogs #firewood #chainsaw #homesteading
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Shag Carpet Vs Poopy Dogs

Jet Girl and Tank Girl (poopies) have been with us just under 2 years, while Mimiteh and Aku have been with me for just under 7 years. The dogs have been very slowly integrated into the household, but the Aku is very aggressive towards the dogs, so we have to separate them when they are all in the house together. So we’ve been slowly getting the dogs more and more used to more space, and the cats are getting more used to the dogs through the kennel at night.
The only problem is that the dogs are obsessed with just laying next to the room where the cats are and hovering in hopes that they can interact, but then they get bored and Jet starts eating the carpet. So we took the carpet out last week. Also: some fun on the ATV and our furry friends around the ranch. #homestead #dogs #cats #drama #ugly #gross #nastyass #shagcarpet #atv #colorado #outdoors #deer #colorado #mountains #snow #spring #DIY #farticles
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Blizzard, Day Trip, & Dowsing, OH MY!

Well that blizzard was a little nuts, wasn’t it?
Update on the dogs and their supplements, some snow, some tractoring, and I lost my glasses, so I attempted to dowse for them in desperation.
My dowsing sort of failed, but my intuition was dead on!
Purchase the dog food supplement from Amazon (affiliate link)
Visit the Bungled Jungle in Salida, Colorado –
#colorado #homesteading #blizzard #dowsing
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Trespassers and the Stupid Tractor.

Today wasn’t a very good day, ladies and gentlemen. The tractor has just… we’re so frustrated. We can’t do anything with the thing, and when it snows a lot, we just aren’t going anywhere if we want to get back up the driveway. 
Add to that the feeling of violation that comes with discovering that someone has just helped themselves to a tour of your entire property and then slipped off into the snow. So security is back in place. 
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Firewood & Fashion

Firewood & FashionWinter is coming, and with winter comes the use of firewood. Lots of firewood. 

We needed to move several stacks of firewood, split them, and stack them in our wood pile. They had been next door on Mike’s Mom’s Property, and needed to be moved anyway for excavation work to happen for her home build, and since the cold weather is fast approaching we took advantage of the pleasant weather to get some work done.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.  Thanks for watching, and thank you to our Patrons for your support! <3 <3 <3 <3

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Standing Dead (Video)

New video today! Just finished editing some footage from our first snow and removal of a dead tree last week. I am being my usual weirdo self for this.

Click here to watch the video, and as always give us a thumbs up if you like it and consider subscribing if you’re enjoying our videos. Thanks for watching!

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Workshop Update (Video)

The latest installment in the Lazy A-Hole Ranch videos is about some improvements that Mike made in the workshop. To view the video click here.  If you enjoy the video, please hit the thumbs up button, and consider subscribing if you are enjoying our content. Have a great weekend, everyone! Remember, if I can do this stuff, so can you.


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Gate Adjustment (Video)

So for this week’s adventure, we did some adjustments on one of the gates into the property. Mostly to get stuff up off the ground and out of the swampy mud stuff. As usual, we run into stuff. You can click here to see this week’s video! If you enjoy our videos, please click on the like button and consider subscribing.
Thank you for your support, and thank you for watching <3