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Shag Carpet Vs Poopy Dogs

Jet Girl and Tank Girl (poopies) have been with us just under 2 years, while Mimiteh and Aku have been with me for just under 7 years. The dogs have been very slowly integrated into the household, but the Aku is very aggressive towards the dogs, so we have to separate them when they are all in the house together. So we’ve been slowly getting the dogs more and more used to more space, and the cats are getting more used to the dogs through the kennel at night.
The only problem is that the dogs are obsessed with just laying next to the room where the cats are and hovering in hopes that they can interact, but then they get bored and Jet starts eating the carpet. So we took the carpet out last week. Also: some fun on the ATV and our furry friends around the ranch. #homestead #dogs #cats #drama #ugly #gross #nastyass #shagcarpet #atv #colorado #outdoors #deer #colorado #mountains #snow #spring #DIY #farticles
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Moving the Charlie Brown Tree (video)


So during the process of cutting down all of those trees, I did manage to move this little guy to a better spot. He was smack in the center of the build site and we always worried about running it over. He’s already happy in his new spot on the edge of the build site, and hopefully he’ll have a chance to grow big and tall there. More trees will be moved, but it snowed that weekend and the ground is pretty solid at the moment. Soon. We will relocate some more saplings soon.

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I hate this video. Ali and Mike Murder Everything.

fall aspen in the snow

I cried my face off while we cut down all of these trees, and I cried my face off while making this video. Basically, our driveway needed to be reconfigured at the top in order to pass the final inspection for the permit and to get the okay stamp from the county. We also needed to clear an area between our property and Mike’s mom’s property next door so that her driveway permit is granted because the dirt work that was previously done over there was not even remotely up to code. So this is a video of Mike cutting down some of the 30 or 40 trees that went away and a lot of me crying about Mike cutting down the trees. This sucked. This sucked more than I ever thought it would. I’m a big, squishy, sappy girl.

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Wrecking Stuff (Video)

white trailer

I’ll tell you now, there’s a lot of cursing in this video. We have 3 trailers on this property. One is listed as a “utility shed”, and the other two are basically just crap. There is all sorts of crap in them, and one of the two has been in the process of being dismantled for the past year. Recently, we discovered the mass amount of stress relief that just throwing stuff around and wrecking the crap out of everything can offer. Personally, I think this video is hilarious, and you definitely get to see a bit of our obnoxious pre-teen humor, and maybe even a pun or two. I hope you enjoy this one, because I giggled a lot making it.

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