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Arched Cabin Foundation Forms Set & Inspected

After getting snowed out at the end of last summer, and a late start this year due to other projects being prioritized, we have FINALLY started building our Arched Cabin! #archedcabin #archedcabins #foundationconstruction #DIYhousebuild


We are FINALLY building the house. The title says it all. The arched cabin foundation forms set & inspected. We poured concrete last week, and have begun to dig the trenches for sewer, water, gas, and power. It’s both exhilarating and exhausting to build your own house. My brain has been on overload with all of the new information that has been dumped into it over the past few weeks as things have been ramping up.

What’s next for the Arched Cabin & Life?

While the concrete hangs out to cure this week, Mike has to sneak up on replacing the transmission that died on his truck. We kind of need the truck for doing and hauling things. We have also started the work for all of our service lines coming into the house. I just realized that he should probably consider trenching in the phone line as well in case we decide to get a landline since there’s no cell service to speak of in the area. In this case, we really need to be forward thinking in planning for the future of the house in order to prevent having to trench things in after the house is complete. We’ve discussed things such as putting in fiber optic cables between the houses for a larger “home network”, putting in a frost free hydrant next to the garden, rainwater collection system that ties into the cistern, etc etc etc. So we have a lot of considerations while planning the layout of everything.

Costs for the Arched Cabin

I haven’t updated this in ages, so it’s time to talk about the costs so far as follows:
20 X 32 Arched Cabin House Kit: $13,032.50. (paid in 2017 and includes the delivery cost)
Architect to finish plans for permits & help navigate some building department stuff. $1570
Initial Soil Testing $1550
Open Hole Inspection $325
Driveway Permit $50
Pre-Site Inspection $40
Permits $1797
Excavation $14,062.70 (we ran into the septic line at one point, plus there’s also an easement being installed between our place and Mike’s Mom’s place)
Power Drop $3026
Concrete $1020.40
Shipping Container $3344.25 – Will become a workshop after the build
Tile & Sink for downstairs bathroom $563.10
Total Cost (excluding land) $40,380.95

You can read more in depth about some of the costs that I’ve covered here. I’ll periodically be updating the costs as we go, but that is the original post and goes more in depth on some of this.
If you’re interested in building your own arched cabin, you can visit the Arched Cabin by clicking here.

I’m so excited that we are building our dream! Thank you so much for following along on our journey. Have an amazing day!

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Episode 100 – Building an Arched Cabin in Colorado. A Look Back and Looking to the Future.

Episode 100?!?!?! I can’t believe that we are already on episode 100! I first started this channel in 2017, but didn’t really start making regular videos until mid to late 2018. I started this channel purely to keep myself busy, and it’s grown and changed as much as I have. Thank you so much for you love and support over the past 2 years while I work through a whole bunch of things. #archedcabin #episode100 #100 #lazy #housekit #colorado
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E75 – Ali is learning to weld

The build is fast approaching, and I’m going to need to know how to weld for a small portion of it. I’m just experimenting at this point and trying to sort out how it all works!
weld #welding #midwelding #womenwelding
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Beginning the Build

It is rumored that we are going to begin the foundation this week. Realistically, I suspect it will happen maybe next week. Either way, we are on the precipice of some major changes, and of course my anxiety is skyrocketing. Interestingly though, I am aware of it, and also aware of something I heard at that class I attended recently. “What if your anxiety is excitement?”

I don’t have the best track record with follow through in the face of anxiety. I have a tendency to get in my own way and self sabotage what I’ve got happening, and I no longer wish to do that. So it’s something I’ve been working really hard on especially over the past year and a half or so. So with the exciting news, I’m mentally kind of freaking out, but instead of letting it overwhelm me, I’ve taken the day to do some light reading. Ponder the immediate needs, and not try to manage ALL of the things in this exact moment. I had a moment of realization over the past couple of days that it’s not all or nothing all of the time. Everything is about balance, and if I worked for an hour this morning, it doesn’t mean that I can’t take part of the day to sort out my thoughts or take time for myself if that is my immediate need. So when I’m feeling less anxious, then I’ll make that phone call to see what the wait time is for the inspection. When I’m less likely to feel stressed, I’ll look up what I need to know to calculate the concrete required or to ponder how we’ll connect the sonotubes to the footer molds with the different sized holes. Now is the time to gain some clarity and to approach the upcoming surge of activity with a clear head and some focus.

We are excited to launch ourselves into this next journey of our lives, and I’m grateful and pleased that we have so many wonderful souls with us on this journey.

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Blizzard, Day Trip, & Dowsing, OH MY!

Well that blizzard was a little nuts, wasn’t it?
Update on the dogs and their supplements, some snow, some tractoring, and I lost my glasses, so I attempted to dowse for them in desperation.
My dowsing sort of failed, but my intuition was dead on!
Purchase the dog food supplement from Amazon (affiliate link)
Visit the Bungled Jungle in Salida, Colorado –
#colorado #homesteading #blizzard #dowsing
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Does a Deer Shit in the Woods? (Video)


I put together a short video of some deer frolicking in the woods. It’s relaxing and also amusing. I hope you enjoy!
Watch it here! If you like it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, and consider subscribing. Enjoy!

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Lazy A-Hole Ranch Logo

We have joined the Patreon community! If you are enjoying our videos on YouTube and would like to support us by becoming a Patron, please click here to visit our Patreon and become a sponsor!
There will also be a link to our Patreon page in the upper right hand corner so you can always find it there.
Our mission is to be able to sustain ourselves by building things to sell along with my Etsy soap shop, and eventually to have an auto shop for Mike to do car repairs. We want to work for ourselves and that opportunity has finally come as Mike’s job is no more. So I’m pushing the Patreon thing hard right now along with other odd jobs and the soap shop.
Thank you for watching our videos, and for supporting us on our journey. We really appreciate all of you.

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New Website!


Since you are here, you’ll know that I made this here website. YAY!

Great things are on the way. I have been working hard behind the scenes to bring forth a Patreon account, which should be starting up in the next couple of weeks. My laptop died, so that had to be replaced, and we’ve been up to our eyeballs with other things being weird for a few weeks. We have had some turnaround though with some new hardware for stuff like video editing and websites, and I’ll be working hard to bring forth some content and also be recording pretty much everything we do from this point forward because the house will be coming soon!

Super excited to share our journey with you all.

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Adventures at the Ranch

The leaves are beginning to emerge on the aspen trees, and it’s time to begin some outdoor projects.

We started by digging up some of the “buried treasure” that we stumbled across.

It’s very long and boring. I sped it up as fast as I could at the time and added music as requested by my miláček, but it’s still long and boring. You can view it here on YouTube.

Next video is a portion of footage that I shot yesterday while peeling bark from a log. I am wanting an outdoor sleep space this summer, and so there’s no better way than to do it yourself! So I looked around at a few options and opted to go for a teepee. It gives me an opportunity to get my hands on some woodworking tools and begin to learn some basic concepts for the upcoming build, and it’s not crazy complicated. This footage was shot for teepee footage, but was painful to wade through for that purpose. I am a person who likes to pretend everything is normal, even when it’s not.  I have a bunch of auto immune disorders, and on top of that I have a bunch of back pain, and a headache for more than 4 years. This video is basically a giant episode of pain, but I REALLY wanted to get through a log yesterday and was super determined. It’s on high speed for most of it, but I let it run at regular speed for the last couple of minutes. This is what digging deep looks like. This is what trying to suck it up and “fight through it” looks like. I’d say 98% of the time I don’t look sick. I look like a totally normal person, but I am in pain ALL the time. Most of the time it exists as a sort of background noise. This particular episode was the headache being it’s asshole self. If I bend over too much it just means an instant migraine.  Once I get all of the logs peeled, I’ll post a final video for that portion of the project, but this was just a reminder that I am a human being and not perfect. I must be more gentle with myself. So watch that video here on YouTube.

And lastly, I’ve been hanging out with a whole bunch of goats lately. Goat milk soap has been happening a lot, which you can buy from my Etsy shop, and I just love my time with these goofballs. We’ve been keeping busy and have a lot of projects coming up soon so stay tuned!