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Ep 95 – Will Oscar Ever Fly Again?!

Back in August, our DJI Spark fell to its death. Mike ordered some parts and has attempted to repair it. It was a huge pain in the ass, and in the end, I believe it’s too damaged to carry on. What should we do next? Send it to the drone hospital? Replace it? Skip drone shots forever? Let us know and leave a comment! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!#djispark #crasheddrone #dronerepair #drone #dji #lazy #archedcabins #case590superl
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Snow Day!

It’s a chilly, but beautiful day here in Colorado.

I worked on a video for homemade dog food this afternoon and I shot a bunch of footage yesterday of splitting wood and such. I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Next Saturday is the Maker Faire in Colorado Springs. We were going to attend the one in Denver yesterday, but we just couldn’t budget it in this year. I hope you enjoy the photo, and we appreciate you taking the time to read our posts and watch our videos. Have a great week!

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Winter is coming

I’m beginning to see some discarded, yellow aspen leaves scattered about the property.

Mike repaired his camera this week, and so we wandered about yesterday shooting photos and enjoying the cool air.

Miláček looking for his next target

The thing I love about art, and life, is how subjective it all is. You can all stand around staring at the same thing and still see something completely different.

Lens Ball in use at the Ranch