About Us

The Main Characters in this Spectacle

Ali – Primary Traits: Introverted, Crafty, Creative Type. Likes to make my own everything. If I buy it from the store, I probably want to figure out how to grow/make it myself.

Secondary Traits:  The Bookworm. AKA Not physical at all. I probably couldn’t bust my way out of a wet paper bag. See also: Chronic pain.

Mike – Primary Traits: Ridiculously handy brainiac. MikeGyver. I don’t know how he does it, and I’m constantly amazed at how he comes up with ways to fix broken stuff.

Secondary Traits: Introverted, “Get Off My Lawn” Archetype, carnivore.

Guest Spots: People who are here a lot

Uncle Dick – Primary Traits: Ability to manifest just about anything. Need some granite for your kitchen/bathroom/shop? Dick will know a guy who has an old Woolworth’s Soda Shop counter that you can have. (True Story)
He has freakish super powers

Secondary Traits: Jack of All Trades. He can do a little bit of everything. Possibly the slighter older variation of MikeGyver.